We like the work we do.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Full Cycle Builders on a few different projects and it’s always been a great experience. I know I can trust them to be fair and honest, thoughtful about environmental considerations, and superb communicators. I’ve been really pleased with the results! I own an older building with rental units and this often requires tradespeople with creativity and good problem-solving skills. I highly recommend them in that regard as well.”

Maggy Burns





"I was very impressed with the work of Full Cycle Builders – they demonstrated strong commitment and competence in integrating heritage priorities with custom solutions for energy efficiency. They understood the importance of both of these priorities to me as home owner and owner of a heritage property. I have lived in this house for 5 years and I wasn’t sure these kinds of improvements could also make a difference to the ‘livability’ of this house. With the numerous cold days we’ve had this winter I've really noticed a difference in sustaining heat with the improved windows. I now feel more confident that it is possible to own a home that is livable, affordable and aligned with heritage principles.
Full Cycle is excellent at keeping me current and comfortable with the plans, project spending and any decisions that need to be made. They are 100% reliable, organized, tidy and easy to work with." 

Amy Schwartz

"I have known Zak professionally for 10 years, beginning with our work on many initiatives together at the Ecology Action Centre.  More recently he has worked closely with our office as contractor for some interesting, design-intensive renovation projects. 
In everything, Zak has displayed a joyful interest and keenness which has made him a joy to work together with.  In our own projects, we typically like to experiment with materials and details, and to hone and refine treatments and mock-ups until the last moment.  While this might reasonably be frustrating for contractors, we found Zak a kindred spirit whose own sense of intrigue and discovery often ended up in leading to fruitful and wonderful solutions beyond even our anticipated directions.
In my many interactions with Zak, he combines lively engagement and energy with patience and a deep, even keel. 
Our office would love to keep working with Full Cycle Builders and Zak on a long line of projects into the future."

Alec Brown, NSAA

Abbott Brown Architects